Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The Dhaka Project Friday garage sales during this month have taken place regularly thanks to the availability of Nurul Islam who has been the hero running the sales alone, attending regularly and showing the potential of a true Bangadeshi slums survivor and dedicated worker in Dubai.
Spite of running the sales alone he has got nice amounts as follows:
  • 1st Jan, 09. - 808.00 Dirhams
  • 9th Jan, 09. - 1,808.00 Dirhams
  • 16th Jan, 09. - 1,250.00 Dirhams
And Solange has come back from her holiday and is again on her hard task of taking care of the store in her spare time; a few days ago she had a surprise that made her more motivated... Maria had emptied the store and sent all existing items to Dhaka, after having found a ''good soul'' who paid for the freight.
Thank you to Nurul, Solange, Maria and the one who offered the freight to Dhaka, on behalf of TDP kids, who will hopefully benefit of these items very soon!
And thanks to all donors who have kept the flame on along the project's life !!!

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