Monday, January 26, 2009

Magdalema Trybus and Nyree Langdon decides to sponsor two children

A few more helping hands, Cabin Crew of Emirates Airways, hold The Dhaka Project’s kids tight. Magdalema Trybus and Nyree Langdon committed to sponsor two kids named Raina (STD-1) and Sumi (STD-1). They took a tour of the project and decided to sponsor these two kids. The crew and the kids were very excited and spent some very good quality time together. All other kids from STD-1 took some beautiful photographs.

The kids discussed their problems and how good they feel by having the touch of safety from these extraordinary volunteers. They also volunteered to help other staffs for the food distribution. They really appreciated The Dhaka Project’s organized and structured procedures to deal with all sorts of need of the kids. They found The Dhaka Project as a dream house where underprivileged kids from the slums of Dhaka enters and exits as a person with morality, dignity and true leadership quality.

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