Monday, January 12, 2009

Gifts from Agata Wisikowski, Bonn, Germany

Agata Wisikoeski, a volunteer who helped the kids in the trip to Germany, sends some gifts and letters rapped with her love for four of our kids and our fellow Volunteer Manager Mr. Shadiqur Rahman Jewel. These four kids are Anonnya Akter, Sabina Yeasmin, Sujon Ishaq and Mosharaf Hossain. These kids took part in the education festival held at Germany in the year 2008. By virtue of their brilliants and attractive personality they overwhelmed Agata Wisikoeski. She won’t be able to forget these kids ever after in her life. These little kids from the slums of Dhaka went to Germany last year but their journey to success is not finished yet. The gifts from Agata Wiskoeski are a reminder that these kids are not far from the helping hands of the people who live on the other part of the world. These kids are thankful to RSF - The Dhaka Project for establishing such a relation. We are thankful to Agata Wisikoeski for remembering our kids from the bottom of her heart.

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