Saturday, January 10, 2009

Irina's Teacher Training Class

An organized loom to improve the educational quality of the children of The Dhaka Project was initiated by Irina Iacobescu, a volunteer from Dubai . She planned to train the teachers by taking four classes this week. Yesterday the first class was held. The main goal of the training was to teach English phonetics, and make sure that sounds are properly understood and used during future classes with the students. After going through vocals, consonants, diphthongs, etc., Irina moved on to practical exercises, as well as texts that allowed teachers to practice the English pronunciation. The teachers were very attentive and interested to learn about phonetics and grammars. It was a new dimension for the teachers to broaden their way of teaching. All the teachers being adequately qualified learned many prosperous issues of teaching also.

Irina described all the major points very clearly and with due respect. The Dhaka Project wishes very best to dedicated volunteers like Irina and desires that it will help to improve the schooling standard to a degree more. At the end of the day this will go as a contribution to the future of the children.

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