Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Dear all friends,

Maria is an angel GOD has sent to this part of the world. I have never been able to stop my tears when I visit this place which I do quite occasionally.

I also made a [point to let my children visit the project and realise what GOD has gifted them so that they value and also realise that these children are deprived of the basics and it is our duty to bring the smile back to their faces.

People come and give money or food and go back but apart from these things the children need our company, they need people to spend time with them. Lately one Emirati Couple visited Dhaka Project and stayed for 3 days and they realised how blessed we are living in Dubai and yet complaining.

Maria has put her heart and soul in this work and people can write a book on her but all I want is that our senior managers to take time out and visit this place and that is the time you will feel the lump in your throat and you would say is this possible what Maria is doing or what she has done over these last 3 years.

I have seen those first 25 to 30 children she picked up from the streets of Dhaka and the journey today is that she now has 700 children to take care of.

Seeing is believing.

(Terry I still remember the day when I called you and requested you to help Maria with her day off as she and myself were looking after SHOMOTA who was treated very badly in UAE and was put on the flight back home.
May God bless you for the assistance, today Shomota is a staff in Dhaka Project smiling with a new life and the Gods gift of a cute child.)

God bless MARIA.

Best Regards,

Hanif Zakaria
Manager Bangladesh

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