Thursday, April 10, 2008


One of the main key points at The Dhaka Project is the health concern with the kids, and to avoid deadly diseases among the children we need to be sure they are secured against the main threats, through vaccinations.

One of these vaccinations took place on the 27th March 2008.

On this day we vaccinated:
  • 430 students from the old school for hepatitis-B, booster dose. The other 3 doses have been given last years.
  • 230 students for hepatitis-B, 1st dose. These are students from the new school (EAFS) There are 3 more doses to be given; 2nd dose on 27th April, 3rd dose on 27th May and last dose in 2009.
  • 215 students with Typherix, (for Typhoid) 1st dose. These are EAFS students too. Next dose schedulled to 2011.

Also, it is schedulled more vaccination days to ...
  • 20th April - 472 students with Priorix, next dose.
  • 27th April - 230 students for Hepatitis-B , 2nd dose.
  • 27th May - 230 students for Hepatitis-B , 3rd dose.

The expenses related with these preventive measures have had a cost of 503217 Taka
( 27,348 .75 Dhs - 7,324.84 USD - 4,634 Eur ).

All these vaccinations have been financed by donations from Dubai. Thanks to Dubaian donators these kids have more reasons to smile yet.


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