Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Fighting poverty sometimes shows us so many beautiful and rewarding gestures!!! So rewarding that we feel relieved from all the rest!
One of these gestures has arrived from Malou, a little girl of only 4, just celebrating today, her birthday!!!
Happpppyyyy birthday to Malou!
And congratulations to her mummy, Uschi, for the day and for the beautiful human being she is by being so sensible and equally for having a wonderful daughter like Malou, so curious to know about the world's reality!
And, more interesting yet, Malou wishes to meet Maria and hand her donation over directly in her hands...
But what donation from a 4 year old girl are we talking about?
Well, Uschi, Malou's mother, presented The Dhaka Project to her children and after that presentation they decided to write a letter to all their friends who will attend Malou's birthday party, suggesting them to put in some money, just a little donation, in a pot they will have installed at home, on behalf of The Dhaka Project or other organization looking after poor children they would like to donate to, instead of giving her birthday presents, not worrying about not having the pleasure of unwrapping them ...!!!
And not only! Days before, Uschi Irani had got in touch to hand over a lot of used clothes in good condition at the drop-off point.
We feel gratefully touched by this generosity from a whole family.
Thank you Uschi, Malou, all family and guests, on behalf of kids of Dhaka under our care, and we wish you all a beautiful birthday party... AND SO THEY WISH as you can see in the picture above!!!

P.S. - And according to last hour information Malou raised 3290 AED on this day... impressing!!! What a precious help! THANK YOU MALOU !

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