Thursday, April 3, 2008


Donal McCharthy is a Dhaka Project volunteer since June 2005 . He has been permanently involved with the Project along these years helping on collecting kids' clothes, school uniforms and books and money to help the poorest rescued by TDP from the abject poverty in the slums of Dhaka.
The Project has come from the roots but year after year it has increased enormously having now 700 kids under its care as well as many of their families, what demands a huge budget.
As more help and donations are needed for the kids he has been busy networking asking for help not only from Irish Comunity in Dubai as usual until now, but also he's appealed for help from representatives in Dubai schools to start a campaign with the students.
The volunteers' group has grown up, having already many items available, thanks to Siog who has presented some good ideas too, and are now organising an appeal for used clothes at Rashid School for Boys (thanks to Clare and her students) while other (long term) collecting actions are running aiming the future old fashion items due to season changes but still a luxury for our kids at the Project.
Thanks a million to these RSB students who are working on behalf of our children.
Thanks to these volunteers, Donal, Siog and Clare who are organising efforts to help us.
A tremendous thank you to all parents and students who have offered their donations.

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