Wednesday, April 23, 2008


A nice surprise has unexpectedly  turned up, with Rebecca Garbenis announcing us that The Dhaka Project has been graciously named to benefit from a phenomenal  donation as  agreed at the Parents and Teachers Association, as is shown in the follwing text she has sent us:

".... Everyone on the PTA agreed that the Dhaka Project was an excellent organisation and were very happy to support it. ... Our PTA has agreed to fund two activities for the Dhaka Project:

1) 30,000 taka has been spent on reading books, mostly in Bangla, but some in English, across age and ability ranges, for your school. We would like some of our students to come with us to the Dhaka project to donate these, so if I could liase with you about a good time and date please.

2) The PTA also decided that they want to sponsor a meal a day for the 600 school children. Therefore, based on the current rice price, we will donate 150,000 taka for food over the year, ..."

A tremendous thank you to Rebecca Garbenis and all on the PTA for this outstanding help that will make bellies much happier for the year ahead in Gawair!

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