Thursday, April 3, 2008


We have been given a few precious donations come from people in Portugal.
In fact, Sofia, who has been in the field last December with Vítor, provided us with 600 Euros from her own and her family... And with their colleges from BCD Travel staff, organized a fundraising in the company providing us with another donation of 300 Euros.
Also Manuela Machado made a donation to build a new house for a family; 600 Euros.
Yet Salesianos School has offered a donation of 300 Euros to help our kids/families to live in basic homes.
All these kind donations have totalized 1840 Euros permitting us to rescue three more families from the appaling conditions where they are currently living.
We are currently seeking to buy land for the new houses.
To all go our heartfelt thanks on behalf of the kids/families under the care of The Dhaka Project.

Maria Conceição
Founder, The Dhaka Project

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