Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Shikha, is a 24 years old young lady, who has got burned (3rd degree burns), is still lying on a bed in Dhaka Medical College Burn Unit, Bangladesh, being fully burnt from her chest to her legs.

At first she had been admitted in a private clinic (Aichi Hospital) on 23-02-2008 in the morning but on the same day at night they referred her to Dhaka Medical College, Burn Unit.

Dr. Jeremy who is a professor in American University of Sharjah and his 13 students, who have volunteered in Dhaka, donated her 42,000 Taka (~2280 AED, ~622 USD, ~395 EUR) on 18-03-2008 and later, Bruce, another volunteer, who works for Emirates Airline's Laboratory, donated 40,000 Taka (~2175 AED, ~590 USD, ~380 EUR) on 15-04-2008.
So the total donation that we have been given for Shikha's treatment is 82,0000 Taka (~4,463 AED, ~1,214 USD, 775 EUR) and we have already spent 65,000 Taka.

She got her first skin graffing operation for one side of her body from chest to leg on 02-04-2008. And the next date of skin graffing operation for other side is 04-05-2008.

She is needing (O+) blood.

At first Maria donated her blood. Then Sadek and Mozammel who are students of Dhaka University donated their blood. After that we had to buy blood from BADHAN and QUANTUM - two blood giving agencies in Bangladesh.

In total we collected 7 pounds of blood.
Now, we need more 4 pounds of blood.

Her per day cost for medicine, fruit and high protein are 3,000 Taka. But sometimes it increases when the doctor gives her a new prescription, which recently has happened approximately every 3 days.

At first Badar, a volunteer from Dubai, paid for her daughter's meals, but since then we have been buying meals for her daughter thanks to the donations from Jeremy and Bruce.

When any volunteer comes he or she visits her but Masud, project manager of The Dhaka Project visits her regularly.

She has been staying in the hospital for the last two months and she is required to stay there for at least one more month.

A heartfelt and grateful thank you to all who have helped !

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