Sunday, April 27, 2008


The Dhaka Project long time volunteer, Sharon, has collected a new donation, an important donation of books, shoes and a box of abacuses to our schools, offered by

Collecting this donation to the drop-off point was only one more of her tasks this year, in the continued helping history not only from Sharon but from all 'De Sousa Family' for the past three years, ( ... never forgetting the unforgetable Lucky Stars ... ), struggling to help the Project !

Sharon has also been one of the heroins who took part in the 10 km Dubai Marathon 2008 on behalf of The Dhaka Project, so one more athlete pouring her sweat on the track to find more ways to help the children under our care... added to the other many ways her family has been (and permanently is) involved in.

We, once again, are extremely grateful to Sharon for all the hard work done on behalf of our kids and express her our gratitude for all she has done along.
And also a big thank you to Jebel Ali Primary School for reminding of us and having turned up with such great generosity.


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