Saturday, April 19, 2008


In a time when we are struggling with the horrendously gone high prices of food in Dhaka partially due to last tragedies in Bangladesh, Donal McCarthy who made the collection from funds of Dubai Marathon has sent more news about his steps forward on behalf of us, announcing that he is about to provide us with more funds ( 20,000 AED)... WONDERFUL! Once again we thank runners who have run to help our poorest kids.
Also, Donal has delivered 24 huge boxes containing kids' clothes and school uniforms at our drop-off point donated by Claire Wallace at Rashid School for Boys as well as 6 boxes containing toys and books thanks to the generosity of Siog Moore and her Little Land Nursery School.

Thanks to Donal for being one of our 'fighters' for this cause and for his hard work and persistent determination.
A million thanks to Claire Wallace from Rashid School for Boys and Siog Moore from Little Land Nursery School, for the donations that will help keeping our children warmer and well dressed, with more means to study and enjoying a better entertainment, cheering up their small hearts.


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