Saturday, April 19, 2008


The hardship of getting sponsorship, felt by Ferre from Flanders!
The flyer is almost ready.
The bank I mentioned to sponsor the project didn't gave the result I hoped for.
The headquarters of the bank refered me to go to a local agent.
The local agent was willing to sponsor 30 euro which I think was rather meagre.
I try to find another sponsor and if that doesn't give the desired result I will go whitout I guess.

The reactions of my family and friends are positive. In a way that they like my plans but are also willing to sponsor and to ask their friends to sponsor.
This hasn't brought any cash in the bankaccount yet but that's a matter of time I believe.

Next week I plan to distribute the flyer first through email and afterwards a printed version.
I have attached a copy of the flyer for you to see. It is all in Flemish, my mothertongue.
If you want I can translate it for you.


Thanks Ferre for being doing the hard work on behalf of us in your corner, helping the children and their families at The Dhaka Project.


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