Monday, February 16, 2009

2nd Dubai Brownies @ The Dhaka Project

Representatives of the 2nd Dubai Brownies visited The Dhaka Project with a lot of donation and a present of USD $2068 yesterday. Karen Forbes, Kem Quick and Raty Mcdonald represented the team accompanied by their old friend Lizzie Mcmanus, 1st Secretary - Medical and Welfare, British High Commission.

All the representatives including Lizzie took the tour of the entire project and met few of our kids also. Later on the donation was handed to Mr. Korvi Rakshand, Project Director, at his office. They also discussed about how to get more people to sponsor more children. The Brownies also showed a lot of interest in helping the project in the near future.

The interesting thing is, all these donated materials and money was collected and gathered by non other then the young and energetic kids of the 2nd Dubai Brownies who cares about the children of The Dhaka Project. They realize that they are privileged and it their responsibility to Make A Difference in the lives these underprivileged children of Dhaka. It’s not the donations only, we are happy about the fact that the fingers which these discontented kids of The Dhaka Project are grabbing on.

A few years back we were in the path of uncertainty but due to such contribution from wonderful people we are determine about achieving the vision we saw for the betterment of the kids. Our strength is our supporters; our inspiration is the amazing kids and our motivation is these priceless smiles. The students the project tried their best to give them the warmest welcome. We believe any sort of contribution from one child of the 2nd Dubai Brownies is enough to wipe out every bit of tears of one slum’s kid of Dhaka. Our kids appreciate their help by including them in every prayer wishing a more prosperous life. We salute those kids whose humanity is the beam which ensure us a peaceful world to live in the future.

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