Monday, February 16, 2009

Local Volunteer's Coming Forward...

It’s a story about a cute little girl Prety Akter from pre-school. One day in the afternoon she was sleeping in our pre-school class room. Tanveer a local donor came and saw her smiling in sleep. He had no other option rather to take her financial responsibility for this year. We got the privilege to meet Tanveer in our sewing product’s exhibition. He got influenced by knowing about The Dhaka Project in the exhibition and decided to contribute. A week later he came to The Dhaka Project and visited the whole project and in the process he saw that incident of Prety Akter. He knows how much we care for our children and have full trust on us that his donation will go for the betterment of the girl’s future. Majestic personal like Tanveer made us believe that local community is also with us in the ride to a future where people can think of an educated, successful and dynamic child from the slums of Dhaka.

Few weeks after sponsoring he visited Prety with some books, pencils and other accessories for all the children. He also brought a delicious cake for her which he distributed among all the children in the pre-school. We believe all of our sponsor’s love the children of The Dhaka in the same way but most of them live far apart so it’s not possible for them to come and visit so frequent. They are always with us via mail and sending gifts for their sponsored children. We appreciate and thanks a million times for being so caring.

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