Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Donation from the Bagha Club

No wonder why The Dhaka Project is on the way to one of the most successful establishment to help the community and the underprivileged children from the slums of Dhaka. This is a journey which needs enormous dedication and firm helping hands from the contributors and the contenders. We are as fanatical as any freedom fighter and our children are as solemn about their study as any passionate patriot.

When it is about how strong our contributors are holding us, the example was set up at "Around The World", a fund raising event organized by the Bagha Club. The night was dedicated for promoting The Dhaka Project with the expats. The contribution included all the money received by selling the food items, raffle draw, bar items and tickets. All the costing for organizing the event was sponsored by Emirates Airline and some other individual sponsors. No matter what the guests bought everything was considered as donation for The Dhaka Project. The raised fund was about BDT 70,000/-. We thank Mr. Sajid, Manager, Bagha Club, and all the people who worked hard to organize this occasion. We believe as long as persons like Mr. Sajid is in this world our children can keep smiling with a tension and will become triumphant in life. God bless Mr. Sajid.

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