Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mia's Feedback

My time in Dhaka, was unfortunately a very short trip due to other commitments. Nevertheless, it was an unforgettable experience, showing that even just a few days of your time can make a difference and is better than nothing.

I arrived (metaphorically speaking) "blind". It was my first time volunteering abroad and I did not know what to expect from the accommodation you are provided, to the school where I was due to teach. Fortunately, I was given an excellent timetable, and that plus the kindness and help of others, I was able 'find my feet'.

On the first evening that I arrived, I was greeted by Jewel at the airport who took me to my accommodation. The accommodation is very safe, clean and comfortable. There's a small lounge with T.V, and kitchen with plates, cups and cutlery. Be warned though, there are no pots or kettle so it may be an idea to bring a small travel one if you feel you will need it.

The following day, I was shown around the Dhaka Project, which consists of the health care centre, day care centre, the main school and the pre-school amongst others. I was also shown the tiny classrooms that the Dhaka project started off in. It's a credit to Maria (Founder of the Dhaka Project), the volunteers, as well as those working on a permanent basis for the Dhaka project that it has become as big and as successful as it currently is. I hope this continues.

That afternoon I took some classes, I was supposed to take classes in the morning also however due to the fact that I was being shown around this wasn't possible. This was a shame as I didn't have a lot of time as it was, and therefore highlighted the need for communication in order for volunteers to get the most out of their time their.

The children are very excited to see any foreigner and although they are well mannered and well behaved, some need further discipline in order to be quiet etc when told to do so.

My second day there was just as fun and busy as the first; taking lessons and then visiting the day care centre, before helping out with the food distribution, which is a fantastic idea in which each week the children receive food to take home for the weekend.

That completed my experience of Dhaka…… time permitting, I will be returning to volunteer further in the school. Hopefully next time I will also be able to stay longer as I do believe it would be a more enriching experience the longer you stay.

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