Monday, February 23, 2009

Kathie and Andrew @ The Dhaka Project

Andrew McFarlane and his mother Kathie was here in The Dhaka Project. They were here with lots of donation and with a great deal of commitment. They brought huge amount of medical accessories with them including medicines and some medical equipments. Kathie worked hard with Doctor Jahid in Medical Center by seeing patients as she herself is a paramedic.

She pointed out the things which Medical center needs very much at the moment but cannot effort to buy. She donated around BDT 20,800 for purchasing those equipments in addition to the donation of BDT 21,000 by her son Andrew McFarlane. Andrew on the other hand took science classes in the senior section of the school. He was amazing with his teaching skills and took good care of the classes. We appreciate every volunteer’s contribution as their experience and support is taking us in the enlightened future of which us, every children and the families related to the The Dhaka Project are dreaming.

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