Monday, February 23, 2009


The Dhaka Project has recently been given a few more donations.
Kwong Yung Link, Captain with Emirates, got to know about The Dhaka Project during one of his flights. Listening with his heart, he got aware of the the constant struggle and concern needed to keep it running and immediately decided to make two donations in one; 1000 Dirhams plus 200 US Dollars, that will make a great difference in the life of the children at the project.
Another beautiful donation, a family donation, has come from Audrey Kolb and her young son Kaleo.
Audrey Kolb donated several items to the project and Kaleo, who has celebrated his fourth anniversary, collected money instead of receiving gifts from their friends on his birthday, so giving up the pleasure of unwrapping his birthday presents and having the pleasure of helping our children in Dhaka. He collected an attractive sum of 1000 Dirhams that will do wonders in the project.
We wish to express our deep gratitude for the kindness from the compassionate Captain Kwong, and from the dedicated mum Audrey Kolb and her enthusiastic 4 years old son, Kaleo, for all the help provided, on behalf of The Dhaka Project kids and their families.

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