Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Dhaka Project children @ ISD

We believe it’s not all about study and daily routine life for the children. A step to make them aware of our culture and literature we took thirty students to ISD drama program. A play named “PARINITA” was played by the senior students of International School Dhaka. Jewel, Volunteer Manager, Julie and James assisted the children to organize and take them to the venue. It was a great learning curve for the kids and varieties of information was gathered by the children about our culture and how our literature used to be in past. It was a very entertaining play and was beautifully executed by the ISD students. The Dhaka Project’s children were taken very good care. They were served snacks and the organizers were very alert about anything our children needed. All in all it was a very good outing for the students after school. We thank ISD very much for inviting us in the program and letting our students to participate as audience.

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