Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Updates of Morjina and Ridoy

We have mentioned in the earlier block that Ridoy was admitted in the hospital for his underweight and chest infection problem. The condition of both mother and child is improving gradually. It was really heartening to see Ridoy looking to be very much improved yesterday. They are likely to be in the hospital for a couple more days depending on what the Professor decides. At this stage Julie was being told that Ridoy will remain in hospital until he is 6.0 kg and they are hoping that Morjina's health will also improve. Julie took in enough kitchuri (lentils and rice with spice) for two days for both Ridoy and Morjina, 500gm of cooked beef, 2 bottles of mango juice and plenty of fruit. She encouraged Morjina to eat and drink the juice telling her that if she becomes stronger and healthier so will Ridoy. Ridoy was smiling for the first time and eating kitchuri, on his own very well, and also trying to stand up.

A bold effort from Rosemary, Julie and Faria helped this little family to become less vulnerable to may be more serious health problems. Rosemary initially donated 1200 taka so that Ridoy (mother Morjina) could be admitted to hospital for treatment and investigations. She later added to this donation by sending $200 Australian dollars (equivalent to 9000 taka, 10,200 total donation so far) so that care can continue for baby Ridoy and his mother Morjina. Rosemary has also said that she will continue to provide donations for Ridoy's healthcare.

We respect and appreciate from our heart such financial contribution from Rosemary. We salute Julie for her restless hard work and dedication to help Ridoy and Morjina.

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