Monday, February 16, 2009

8 year Filler donates everything from his Birthday

Birthday means lots of gifts. Specially when it’s a birthday of an eight years old child it means a lot more than that. Toys, chocolates, colorful dresses and many more are dead hard to sacrifice for any such kids. But yes a bright eight years old child from the Fitter family thinks in the other way around. He thinks if sacrificing a chocolate can give a meal to a child then it’s worthy to sacrifice that meal, he thinks if sacrificing a toy can let a child have some medication then its worthy to give up toy. He believes if sacrificing a birthday party can bring smiles of 100s of untouched ones then any not doing it. As a result he requested all of his friends and family not to give him any gift but to donate money as a contribution to the underprivileged children of Dhaka. In the process he managed to raise a handsome amount of $716. Being so young he realized that the life he is leading is not even in the dreams of these children. He decided to try his best to give as much possible for these to these children.

We believe such contribution from more families is good enough to ensure education, medication and food of our six hundreds children. If other families follow the Fitters, every year these kids need not to worry about anything else. And we ensure that this much contribution of Fitter family is enough for us to work on and make our kids the leaders of the country in every aspect.

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