Monday, February 16, 2009

Urgent Medical Treatment

A recent family visit found a child to be suffering from chronic malnutrition, a fever and acute respiratory distress. The mother reported that baby had been ill for months with a cough, fever and breathing difficulties. The child was aged 18 months but only 5.2 kilograms in weight, weak and having difficulty breathing. The mother and child were admitted after two hospital visits and negotiation with the attending emergency doctor and two other assessing doctors, by both the family counselor and health centre coordinator. They are currently staying in a free bed at a children’s hospital quite some distance away from The Dhaka Project. It is anticipated that they will stay for at least five days for treatment and further investigations. Health care centre staff will continue to visit and support them as well as provide financial support so that the child’s father can visit the hospital and support the father to ensure he is able to care for their other two older children. A donation made it possible for medicines to be paid for, while medical investigations, food for the mother, the bed and general medical care are free. It is anticipated that they will stay for between five and seven days.

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