Monday, February 16, 2009


Captain Marcelo Correa and his crew have made a donation to The Dhaka Project. They fundraised an amount of 6835 Taka plus 50 Dirhams during their recent flight to Dhaka.
Prior to their flight, Captain Marcelo Correa kindly passed by the storage room in Sheikh Zayed Road to take items to be delivered at the project in Dhaka; this type of help is valuable to the kids under the project care providing them with used still in good condition clothes as well as having used toys that make their wonders, or being provided with some other useful items all donated by TDP friends in Dubai.
This is really an amazing help from crews who are flying to Dhaka and that is always very welcome .
A huge thanks to Captain Marcelo Correa and his crew on behalf of the kids at the Dhaka Project!

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