Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Areeba

The Dhaka Project celebrated Birthday of Areeba with a cute little innocent girl from the slums of Dhaka named Kulsum. We gifted a nice dress and some delicious biscuits to Kulsum and we believe Areeba will appreciate it. Kulsum seemed to be the happiest girl of the world at that moment. We preserved those smiley moments of her in our camera and heart. We love her so does she and hope by virtue of our respected sponsors like Areeba we can gift a peaceful life for her to live in coming years. Areeba's vision for Kulsum is very high right from the beginning when she saw her in the slums and helped her to get admitted in The Dhaka Project. The Dhaka project responded to Areeba’s approach by taking full responsibility of the kid and taking good care of her. The Dhaka Project together with our sponsors like Areeba promised ourselves and promised those kids a future where no one will ever regret them, everybody will celebrate their success and there will be no room for failure.


Areeba said...

Korvi, this is beautiful!! the most beautiful present anyone's ever ever given me. Please give Kulsum my love!!! i miss her!

Korvi Rakshand said...

Hey Areeba... Thank you for your comment. I will pass your love to Kulsum...!!