Monday, May 26, 2008


Samar Jodha has had a lot of outstanding involvement with The Dhaka Project along the years.
He has recently been at the field work in Dhaka, teaching the students how to do photography, produced a fantastic work , see here, produced a video about the work done with the kids... and that's not all!

He participated in a talkshow in Dubai Eye Radio 103.8 that has done so much awareness ...

He offered to pay for fixing a laptop and has been taking part in garage sales at Sheikh Zayed Road... announced here and with two friends they raised 1455 Dirhams on garage sale for Maria's birthday, i.e., to The Dhaka Project, at the same time Maria and people at the Project were celebrating in Dhaka ! A different way of a remote celebration !!!

And finally he has just collected a donation from Dana,... yes, Dana Rahman, the representative from Delta Partners who visited the Project a few months ago. She's donated 1700 Dirhams , handed in Samar's hands, towards the Project.

Thank you to Samar Jodha for all the dedication, art and hard work to help the children he has been with in the action field.
And thank you to Dana Rahman for her kind donation, a very precious gift that, as she knows very well, it will go a long way in our fight against poverty.

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