Friday, May 2, 2008


Good Day Everyone,

My family and I have been supporters and volunteers for The Dhaka Project for 3 years.

On behalf of Maria and the children at The Dhaka Project, I would like to thank Chris Young for his time and very generous donation. Chris has been a long time supporter of The Project and as he prepares to return home, his thoughtfulness will be missed.

The Dhaka Project has come a long way in the past 3 years. Emirates Foundation (the envelopes collected from passengers) have been Maria's biggest supporters for the past couple of years. They have covered her overhead costs and some operating costs. All of this is directly accountable to the Board of Directors for the Foundation. Maria has just completed building a new school for The Project thanks to Emirates Foundation. Maria now has the ability to educate 1000 slum children and train the parents for self sustainability. Donations are needed now more then ever as she hires teachers and makes the school a viable entity.

I know many of you out there believe in donating some of your bonus to charitable causes. You may indeed already have a favourite charity and that is commendable. Should you be looking for charity worthy of your hard earned money, I would like to issue a plea for the Dhaka Project. Maria is one of our own. Anyone going to Dhaka is always welcome to come and see The Project for themselves. I can personally guarantee that 100 per cent of your donation goes directly to The Project.

The web site is .

Donations can be dropped off in my mailbox (500). Please make cheques out to "Maria Conceicao". Cash works too.

If you are operating a flight to Dhaka, we desperately need your help moving donations. It is very easy and very little hassle.
Call me at 050 552 7710.

Thank you,

Manuel De Sousa


piplu said...

I want to work with you people.

The Dhaka Project said...

If you wish to be a volunteer with The Dhaka Project, please contact our Volunteer Manager Safikur Rahman

The TDP Team