Sunday, May 25, 2008

We love Bangladesh Customs!

Big thank you to Bangladesh Customs and their wonderful rules and procedures!

We have just received a delivery from a friend of Richard's with some donated books and balls in it. The 4.5kg package arrived with a 880tk (~$15USD) customs charge on it. After looking at the contents of the package we figured that we could buy all the donations for less than 880tk. The customs officer then asked if we will pay, we offered a small fee. Rejecting this fee, he then said we either have to pay or the package will be returned to sender. So back the package goes to Australia!

We do thank Jo Elms for the wonderful donations that her and her family made, however out of point we have sent it back to Australia - to hopefully return by plane with one of Richard's volunteer friends in the coming months!

Just another insight to the crazy rules and procedures that we face here at TDP daily!

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