Sunday, May 25, 2008


Until now we have given special vaccination focus to the children.
But also the adults working for The Dhaka Project have to be carefully given care; they are near the children and the higyene standards tell us that not only a part of a population should be prevented against diseases, but all members in a community, in this case, The Dhaka Project Community!
And to confirm this, we had a case, a Typhoid Fever case in a member of our staff !
This made us decide to follow the standards referred above !

Regarding this, we just had a vaccination day, today, where 96 members of our staff have been vaccinated against Typhoid Fever and 92 against Hepatitis-B .

This goes towards a healthier community benefitting not only the staff but also the children under our care, the children rescued from the slums!

Thanks to all who have made this dream come true over the years !!!

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