Saturday, May 17, 2008


Our team and staff at The Dhaka Project live a continuous stressful life due to hours and hours of power cuts, not being able to properly running classes, not being able to use communication resources, always under the pressure of very low or run out laptop batteries indication when needing to do some computer work, no fans under terribly warm weather and... no lights !!!

To help minimize a little part of these troubles, Rahimafrooz, a very important Bangladeshi Company, that had already donated an IPS, has just offered two more IPSs to the Project, permitting a few lamps to be lit and a few fans to be working during warmer hours.

And of course the team and staff are extremely grateful to Rahimafrooz, for their kindness towards the Project. This will represent a huge difference, soon helping the staff get much needed better working conditions to be able to do their best, going the results once again to be reflected in the children's future.
Thank you Rahimafrooz!!!

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