Saturday, May 17, 2008


15 foreign volunteers from Australia and France came and visited us on Saturday, 10th May.

They throughly enjoyed their visit especially having lunch with the kids in the canteen and seeing the Korail slums. Positive feedback all round; already some of them have asked when they can come back and help out. And we've got a real boost because one of these volunteers wishes to help us set up the medical centre for the slums - an old dream of ours and very much needed.

The Dhaka Project volunteer who is deeply involved in the Project and the team in Dhaka felt more than happy for having had this group of volunteers visiting us. At the same time this was a test for future possible tours run by us to help the project get more income towards self sustainability as well as raising awareness.

Thank you to these visitors for sharing their time with us and our kids and for the positive feeling their visit caused on us all.

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