Sunday, May 4, 2008


Let's remind you about Laura !

She is the girl you might have read about in our Newsletter from May/June 2007 or in a briefer reference in our Newsletter July/August 2007.
By that time she had given all her birthday presents on behalf of the children of The Dhaka Project.

Laura comes from a family in which all members have been our continuous supporters along the years. Her father, Captain Konrad Warner has carried lots of huge suitcases full of clothes, toys, etc. to our children in Dhaka.

And this year, she repeated her beautiful and kind gesture, offering the results of the fundraising she organized on her birthday, 3rd May, to her friends at the Project; all gifts have been converted in money on behalf of our kids: 1300 AED !!!

Laura : with her friends in Dubai
We gratefully say a thank you sooooooo much to Laura Warner for keeping concerned about the kids who need our care at The Dhaka Project, giving away the pleasure of unwrapping her anniversary presents once again.

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And Laura's friends from Dhaka also express her a huge and warm thank you in their own name !!!


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