Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sergio's Feedback

This is not the school of Harry Potter, but I can say that The Dhaka Project's children know magic!

If you are thinking about volunteering, I strongly recommend TDP as the best volunteer opportunity you can find. I’m impressed with the work of TDP staff and I feel inspired by Maria’s job. I can not believe how much she and her team have achieved in only 3 years.

If you want to be part of one foundation for a short or long period of time, you should choose one that makes children happier. You should be part of an organization that knows how to awaken and highlight the magic on children. TDP’s children have the charisma, confidence, education and teachers that can help them increase their enormous potential.

I declare myself hypnotized by their eyes, by their smiles and their self confidence. Definitely, we are helping them to improve their opportunities in life, but they also have a lot to teach to us… I still remember the great satisfaction I felt every afternoon when going back home and feeling so grateful that I could spend with them this part of my life. I declare myself under their power; an enduring power that will last forever. I feel happy because I can see that my experience was not unique in TDP. My feeling is the same feeling you find in every review given by other volunteers. When reading their comments is easy to figure out that, as me, all of them are under the strong influence of children’s magic. Good magic that make me strongly believe that those children will acquire the knowledge and already developed the attitude necessary to open any closed door. I assume that at this point you can realize that this experience filled up all my expectations and gave me more motivation to continue volunteering once and once again.

Sergio Rodriguez - Colombia

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Anonymous said...

An excellent post Sergio - how poetic!