Saturday, May 17, 2008


After being with us for some time, Grace Dass, who works for Salon Aruna's in Dubai, can't stop talking about The Dhaka Project.

She's the volunteer who left her luxury zone in Dubai to come over and teach western beauty skills to our beauty center students at The Dhaka Project action field (you can read about it here). She was accompanied by her boss who couldn't resist the impulse of taking part in this task!!!

Grace has been buying clothes over two years on a weekly basis from our garage sales and not only that - she also takes her friends there to do some shopping to help us !!! Grace has just informed us that she's collected a donation of 150 AED towards the Project!

We wish to express our grateful thanks to Grace for her kindness in being a big supporter in small steps - her little gestures will go a long way to help the lives of our children.

Thank You to the donor who handed this donation to Grace!

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