Wednesday, May 21, 2008


There has been a long and continuous delay to confirm the donations from our kind donours.
And the Project has received precious donations not referred yet in this blog...
PSt. Piran's School from London donated us 1000 Sterling Pounds in February;
From Emirates Golf Clube - Dubai - we have been given a donation of 38,889,61 Taka in April;
Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Resort transferred a donation of 791.11 USD in April;
Vincent William donated us 700 USD in the beginning of May.
These donations go a long way as you all know spite of the higher and higher costs that are always scaring us for the future of our children rescued from the slums in abject poverty.
Only with your help our work will go far creating a new generation of citizens in a continuous fight against poverty.
A tremendous thank you to all the Companies above and to Vincent William for their kindness, for their wish to become this world a better place to live on behalf of our children and families at The Dhaka Project.

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