Saturday, May 24, 2008


There has been good news concerning donations in the last few months!

A donation of huge impact has recently become available and let us speechless and thrilled for its dimension; more than 35,000 US Dollars, towards our ''Food for Thought'' programme!

This donation will make a great difference against the lately frightening costs, to the kids and their learning, making them safer from being taken out of school and married off at an early age or put to work in garment factories, and is a huge boost to all of us team and staff who are working to break the cycle of poverty at The Dhaka Project. Feeling that there are no words enough to do it, we express our grateful thanks to Dan Weisser and Cashfya Cazi at Abraaj for this incredible amount donated, on behalf of the team, staff, students and their families at the Project.

And related with this, we must say a big thank you to Samar Jodha too, for the awareness he has done... he was who announced the work we do at The Dhaka Project to the world, after having been working here with the children in the field of photography (you can see the photos on the sidebar to the right). He also took part in a talk show on Dubai Eye Radio 103.8FM where he informed the listeners about us. Thank you Dubai Eye Radio 103.8FM for broadcasting the helpful talkshow with Samar!

So, an announcer, Samar Jodha, who exposed it with his heart, a station, Radio 103.8, and a listener, Dan Weisser, who studied, presented and embraced the Project, being himself heartily touched by our mission.

Thank you very much ! This will change many things for a whole year !

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