Saturday, May 10, 2008


Last week we were fortunate to have Mikey from come and visit us at Gawair. is leading the way in helping establish an effective and sustainable tourism industry within Bangladesh. They have placed a great deal of emphasis on responsible travel in their reviews and their forthcoming Bangladesh guidebook.

We were honoured to show around the project and show them everything we do here, and were even more honoured by Mikey's kind words about The Dhaka Project within his article on, (The Dhaka Project Seeks Volunteers Funding Resources). The article also includes a youtube clip taken by Mikey of one of our current volunteers talking about the project-

Joybangla is also doing a photo exhibition and selling postcards of the photos.

They love what they are doing so much that they have decided to give 10% of every sale that they make to The Dhaka Project!!!!!

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