Wednesday, May 21, 2008


We are running a grand garage sale at Xerox Builing, Mezzanine floor, Sheikh Zayed Road, same side as Crown Plaza, next to Rotana Hotel.

In this sale you can get a variety of second hand items like clothes, shoes, books, school items, kitchen items, electrical items, toys, furniture, sports items, etc.

The prices start at one Dirham up to 10 Dirhams.

Please click the picture below for directions:
Brought to you by THE DHAKA PROJECT !

Being transferred to another place not yet known !


Anonymous said...

dhaka project is doing fantablous job ,it will really help the poor people may allah give lots of blessing to de one who had started such a gr8 job..................... but dere shuld b an exclusive detail abt where is de garage sale going on abt timings n sould giv de number which is working n not switchoff v tried alot but no 1 was piking phone n dis friday v wnt so dey said dat it is transferring ,plz post de location n timings n dates abt de garage sale v want 2 coparate u too,

The Dhaka Project said...

Dear Anonymous friend: the new location of the drop-off point/garge sale is not confirmed yet. In due time it will be announced.
Thanks for your helpful comment.