Sunday, May 25, 2008


This is my fifth trip to The Dhaka Project and what amazing progress has been achieved since my first trip in 2005!

The founded school is filled with the same infectious laughing and smiling faces of the children and staff I took away with me on my last trip; the nursery down the road has new cribs and beds for the infants to sleep in after lunch and the new school that recently opened is a triumph for the amount of donated money it cost to build. It's run by a 25 year old Economics Teacher who one day hopes to be Prime Minister of Bangladesh and when I sat in his company you couldn't help but believe him! AND! The overwhelming response of volunteers means they have had to open 2 new guest houses.

You can do nothing less than sit back and admire Maria for her courage, determination and perseverance for what has been achieved.

It is nothing short of remarkable!

I just hope that the Bangladesh Government take notice and do what is right.

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