Thursday, May 8, 2008


Surely many of you still remember about Shikha, the young lady of 24, who got horribly burnt from her chest to her legs in 'kitchen' flames, and was taken to The Dhaka Project , seeking for help...
Yesterday, (7th May), our Maintenance Manager, Nayan, has spent the day in Dhaka Medical College Burn Unit, taking care of her after she had her second graffing operation.
It was a successful operation though she has been very sick along the day (normally expected after a surgery).
Our team is dedicating their time as much as possible to keep her up as well as her baby who is under our care at The Dhaka Project premises, and we hope that in a few days, after one more operation (likely held in 5 days) she will be near a progressive recovery.

Thanks again to all who sponsor or have sponsored her and the Project! We never forget that this wouldn't have been possible without all the kind gestures you have had!!!

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