Sunday, May 4, 2008


An important donation has been done very recently to The Dhaka Project.

In fact, after reading our appeal in 7DAYS , this already usual donour* has transferred a considerable amount to Project's bank account, what is a very precious boost to the Project, especially in this period, months after all kind of disasters around in Bangladesh with the respective bad effects and due to global higher prices, we are in real trouble.

These precious 5,442 US Dollars (near 20,000 AED or 3,525 EUR ) will highly be a wonderful relief to our stress caused by the continuous struggle to take care of the 700 children who we provide with daily food, education, health care, dental care, home for many of them, and help to their families in many ways, etc.

A great thank you to this DONOUR from the bottom of our hearts on behalf of our kids, families and staff at The Dhaka Project.

means sponsoring us since January 2007 on regular basics!

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