Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Touched, we feel it is our duty to announce the final numbers related with the results from the cookbook collection sale and not only, recently managed by The Pilot and his wife .
Fortunately The Pilot got some extra payments far beyond the price he asked for the books, and he felt really rewarded for his dedication to this cause, what made them happy for being much helpful!
Here you can find a list of who kindly have taken part in this cookbook collection sale on behalf of our students and their families, not forgetting how the team can feel boosted too!

Adrial & Noriko Lum ----500.00 Al Cooke ---------------50.00 Bart de Witt ------------50.00
Grayden Thompson ------50.00 Carlos ------------------50.00 Caroline le Cann ----500.00
Chris Jones ------------------50.00 Craig Mitchell -------50.00 Ben Rich ----------------100.00
Greg Becker -----------------50.00 Tim Nicoli -------------50.00 Jason McDicken -------50.00
Jim Reside ---------------------50.00 Keith Thompson ---50.00 Ken Pascoe -------------50.00
Marcelo Peixoto ----------100.00 Mike Moore ----------50.00 Mike Tilney -----------100.00
Murray Anderson ---------50.00 Omar Helmy ---------200.00 Ricardo Baisch -------50.00
Richard Markey ------------50.00 Rod Buchanan ------50.00 Roger Neale ------------50.00
Shirish Pai --------------------50.00 Spinner O'Shea --100.00 Stefan Thusis ---------50.00
Ian Brakewell Kennally -50.00 Tony Shapiro -.-----50.00

The Pilot and his wife handed to our long time volunteer Manuel de Sousa a bank check of 2500 Dirhams, from fundraising, and more 2000 Dirhams in cash, 1000 Dirhams from their own pocket, money that goes dedicated to a special purpose in the Project, and 1000 from 2 cookbook buyers, Adrial and Noriko Lum, and Caroline le Cann, who opted for paying 500 Dirhams instead of 50 for a cookbook!

But this is not all !!!

Also we wish to mention that Manuel de Sousa had to go a long way crossing the city to collect this donation handing us 100 Dirhams from an anonymous and 500 Dirhams to sponsorship a child, from his family, De Sousa Family!
Thank you to all who wished to buy a book, to The Pilot, the donator and runner of this event, to The Pilot's wife highly involved in all actions and to Manuel for his hard work, this and other times along the time.

All funds are going directly to making a difference in the lives of the children and the community at The Dhaka Project.

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