Sunday, July 6, 2008


A great thank you to all these friends and volunteers who kindly have helped us in the last days... end of June up to today!
So we present the following donations or helpful actions:
From Mr. Paulo Fonte - Coimbra - Portugal, who graciously transferred a wonderful donation of 400 Euros to our account!
From our volunteers in Dubai, Maria, Solange, Marcelo and Luiz Ogg by selling in Garage sales, the hard raised sum of 2,100 Dirhams!
From Mr. Baluch - Dubai, who kindly helpd us with an amount of 5,000 Dirhams.
And still from Solange, who in a turn (yesterday) sold items to her friends, not at the usual place, but in her house, worth of 235 Dirhams and in another turn (today), made a selection of clothes to a friend, went at her home and sold them worth of 50 Dirhams!
Also we have been kindly offered a donation from an anonymous friend who left 500 Dirhams in Maria's mailbox.
Today Solange and Maria have gone back to CBC to pack 13 suitcases.
Manuel de Sousa, Captain with Emirates, has been helping, tremendously appealing to all pilots to take suitcases almost every other day to Dhaka, and also Luiz Ogg, 1st Officer with Emirates, has looked for crew members going to Dhaka, both developing great public relations and trying to convince crew members to take suitcases in their flights having been rewarded for the spirit of solidarity always present in each human being's heart.
And finally, once again Solange, having sold Clarins-Dubai products, raised more 70 Dirhams, being on action at the time this text write up.
We wish to show our gratitude to all these donators and volunteers who, with their kindness, with their sensitivity to this noble cause, have shown their solidarity with us in the mission to keep this work on, on behalf of the most unprivileged kids of Dhaka.
Thank you very much !!!

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