Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Our team in Dubai has just had a hard and productive day !
Today we have done 245 Dirhams from garage sale from 2 special customers; Solange and Marcelo who are at the same time hardworking volunteers :)
So, Solange and Marcelo, have come to spend all day in our storage room where we packed 37 suitcases and dispatched them to CBC so that crew can take them to Dhaka. And of course you can imagine how many times we had to drive back and fro to perform this task...
As to boost our hard work, Rania, our volunteer in Clarins has managed to get us a range of discontinued (from the shops) products to be sold in garage sales, and she has also donated second hand clothing and delivered the in our mezzanine storage room.
And Hilda, who is going to leave Dubai, has donated loads and loads of clothes and furniture: She has even hired a van to bring all the clothes she's donated to our mezzanine floor.
Thanks to Solange, Marcelo and Rania for their hard work, and Hilda for her donation and respective delivery ... and still to Ruth for having coming out of her way to drop 15 empty suitcases in our storage room.


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