Friday, July 11, 2008


Solange has been a persistent hard worker who has been giving extreme and continuous efforts towards The Dhaka Project, packing as many suitcases as possible to be taken to Dhaka while she also runs garage sales and keeps the store tidy. Now a few months before the winter in Bangladesh and having a wave of cooperation from captains in matter of taking suitcases out she has been dedicating 5 to 7 hours daily, in the store room or around, in a kind of multi-task environment....
As part of theses multi services we can refer organizing new donations, packing and distributing donations to be dispatched to Dhaka, driving to and from CBC in a daily basis, to drop the suitcases ready to go...
And as this could be thought to be little, she still looks after my wellbeing!!!
She has run private garage sales where her friends bought some items; while she takes care of the clothes separating them at our mezzanine floor in Sheikh Zayed Road, she chooses some items among them, those she thinks her friends would like, and as an extra job she goes meet them and sells... sells... two days ago she fundraised 90 Dirhams and more 185 Dirhams yesterday,... all these by selling clothes to her friends!
And she sold items in the garage sale run today worth of 1730 Dirhams.
We counted with Marcelo Taborda's usual and helpful cooperation to help taking many clothes to CBC !
Finally she got a donation of 500 Dirhams from Syed!
For all the above and on behalf of our kids and the community at the project we would like to send a big thank you,... to Solange who is beyond any words, for the hard and persistent work done ,... to Marcelo who dedicates most of his spare moments working with us...
...and to Syed for this precious donation that will make a difference where every bit counts, and generally to all who have donated items or have been carrying them to where they are needed.
Without your help it will not be possible!
Thank you !

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