Monday, July 28, 2008

Thanks to The Dhaka Project and it’s Brazilian supporters!

Marcelo, a veteran pilot of Emirates Airlines and a representative of the Brazilian community in Dubai came to visit The Dhaka Project on the 15th of July, 2008. He received a warm welcome from the children and exchanged greetings and affectionate smiles. He then went for a guided tour of the entire project with the volunteer manager, Mr. Jewel. The tour took a full two hours. With a very happy feeling about the work being undertaken for the underprivileged of Gawair, Marcelo set off to visit a similar project in the south of Dhaka, JAAGO Foundation. He was accompanied by Korvi, Project Director for both The Dhaka Project and JAAGO Foundation and also other volunteers from both organizations including Kate, Jenna, Georgie, Nayan, Jewel and Riyad.

Prior to Marcelo’s visit to Dhaka, The Dhaka Project kindly offered to contribute BDT 257,582 (USD $3,685) of the money raised by the Brazilian community in Dubai to this fledging project.

On the way to JAAGO, the team stopped at Panthapath, where Marcelo, on behalf of The Dhaka Project, paid for chairs, tables and other furniture for the children of JAAGO Foundation. Marcelo and the team then went to IDB Bhaban to buy computers for JAAGO’s beneficiaries. Meanwhile, volunteers bought stationery, exhaust fans and paint from the donation money. The entire team then got together at JAAGO Foundation, Rayerbazar, along with the furniture, computers and equipment.

The visitors were enthusiastically welcomed by the members of JAAGO. After having looked around the JAAGO premises and signing their names in the Guest Chart, the visitors and JAAGO volunteers all joined hands in painting the classroom and the computer room. The hands-on painting session went on for about an hour, after which Marcelo and the visitors bade farewell.

Words cannot explain the gratitude JAAGO and it’s team feels for the support provided to them by The Dhaka Project. The donation will enable the children of JAAGO to attend classes sitting in chairs, instead of on the floor. The computers will also facilitate greater learning for the children as well as their parents as they will be given training on how to operate computers and use various software. The paint that has been put on the walls will not only bring color to the lives of these underprivileged children, but the color itself (sky blue) will encourage the children to dream, dream about a better life, dream about a brighter future, dream about the sky and beyond, for the sky is not the limit.

JAAGO Foundation would like to especially send a huge thank you to Maria, Founder of The Dhaka Project for this kind gesture and for her support of this new and exciting project.

Cost break down of the donation:

Total donation made to JAAGO

BDT 257,581.50



Computer + Printer

BDT 124,000.00


Chairs, PC Table, Shelf

BDT 52,300.00



BDT 8,700.00


Exhaust Fans

BDT 2,400.00



BDT 4,500.00



BDT 47,000.00


Rent of Computer Room

BDT 15,000.00



BDT 253,900.00



BDT 3,681.50


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