Friday, July 25, 2008


We are sad to announce that on the 15th of July we found out that a child of our pre-school, Rabeya Begum (aged 5), died during the night to unknown circumstances. We have withheld announcing this news on the blog with hope of providing more details of how she died. However, we are just finalising an investigation which has revealed nothing to bring understanding to us here at The Dhaka Project. (We will put up the report of the investigation in the following days).

It has been an extremely hard week for the whole team dealing with the loss and has been even harder on her family which have been apart of The Dhaka Project since the start and our thoughts and prayers are with her family she left behind: her mother, Nazma, and her brother, Billal.

A few words about Rabeya by our Pre School-in-charge – “She was very polite and gentle kid. Her hobby was dancing as well as gardening. She was one of the most obedient students of Pre-school.”

Rabeya Begum – please rest in peace and peace be upon you.

Love from your Dhaka Project Family


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