Tuesday, July 29, 2008


In the evening of Saturday we were members of the audience in a party running in The Dhaka Project school. This party had been organized by "Leo Club", in direct cooperation with The Dhaka Project, and enabled our kids to show their abilities in dancing and performance. These youngsters of "Leo Club" taught the kids to dance on stage and set up the play "Snow White And Seven Dwarfs". The performance has been totally passed in English and the kids did it very well. The others took part in the audience and were really amused following the performers in some songs.
For the first time since we arrived in here, it rained in Dhaka. Though it hasn't been a heavy rain and didn't last for long, as we were away from home we realised how it is easy to flood the streets, lanes and houses so fast.
On Sunday morning we visited the preschool where we gave some souvenirs brought from Portugal to the Kids. Small cars for the boys and hair holders and hair bands for the girls. And the first reaction of the kids was to hold their presents and share them. In a short while we could see boys wearing hair bands and girls playing with the cars, very funny indeed!

Just as I said in the last post, we keep working in updating the students file. Cristiana is taking pictures of all the kids including the name and the photo of each one in the file. This has been intensive work once we do several visits to the nursery and preschool to avoid leaving kids behind for the possibility of staying at home for being sick or any other reason.

At the same time just finished helping the member in charge of Micro-Finance, Babu, doing spreadsheets and reports on how the process is running. The Micro-Finance Programme aims helping the families of The Dhaka Project Students through loans to help them setting up a business or to face the immediate needs, and then they will pay the money back and some residual rate. Until now 11 people got help, for example, to buy Rickshaws or to set up sweets or cloths businesses.

We have had some problems with internet access, not even talk about the continuous power outages but spite of this we hope to be able to send more news as soon as possible.

Pedro e Cristiana.

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