Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Before coming out to the Dhaka Project last week I had no idea what to expect. What I’ve experienced here in the last week has been truly uplifting. It is incredible to see what has been accomplished here over just a few years. From two small rooms and less than forty children, the project has grown and flourished, and at the 3rd year anniversary celebration this week the room was packed with the laughter and enthusiasm of the vast number of children who are now benefiting.

As a teacher, it has been really interesting to come and work with the teachers here to begin developing strategies and teaching methods that are appropriate for the unique situation of the project. As many children have not received formal schooling until recently there are large differences in ability between children of the same age. What stands out here is the huge desire of the children to ‘know more’ – like sponges wanting to soak up information and ideas. The dedicated staff at the schools are showing enthusiasm for discovering new ideas to use within the classroom and we are supporting them in using more interactive and creative methods. So far we have looked at using reward systems and monitors within the classroom, building self-esteem using circle time, golden agreements, display and making and using puppets in the classroom. Many of these ideas are new concepts and it will be a very gradual process but it is great to see star charts and colourful posters beginning to appear around the building!

I’ve had a fantastic experience and hope to return. I have learned a lot from the children and staff at the Dhaka Project and I hope that they have learned some new things from me too.

Kate McCleanaghan

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